Sunday, October 24, 2010


It is officially fall now. Although a lot of my time is spent daydreaming about how I'm going to carve my pumpkin this year, how awkward I'm going to be as a giraffe on Halloween, and generally how I can procrastinate on my accounting homework, I have also been spending more time in the ceramics studio as well.

I'm back to making monsters. I made a few earlier this semester, and of course I'm once again addicted to making them. The only unfortunate part is that I always curse how time consuming they are to make as soon as I commit to making many of them. Below are a few examples of completed monsters...

Soy sauce/sushi set.

Leopold, the almost aborted child that Kasey convinced me to keep.
Unfortunately the only reading I have done lately is about my accounting and finance homework. However, as the result of a previously rocky relationship, my dad and I communicate via letters now. My dad was very involved in the art scene back in Lancaster county and did mostly photography. In his most recent letter to me he said "I've been doing a lot of painting right now of gourds. They are such strange, useless things- but interesting." I broke out a little smile when I read this because I know I think exactly the same way. I hoard random things that I find all the time because their interesting. I don't necessarily gravitate towards art that has an intended deep meaning, really only towards what I find interesting visually or of interesting content. Once again it's clear that I get my organized, professional side from my accountant mother and my love of random/odd things from my artist father.

I don't particularly enjoy eating cookies (unless they're straight from the oven), but I love making them. My favorite recipe of all time comes from the Alpha Bakery book that I used ALL the time in my childhood. Below is a link to the recipe.... except with a dash of vanilla added. Cookies are always better when made from scratch!

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