Thursday, November 25, 2010

Seeing is Believing

Kasey and I ended up not displaying our monster/critters together. I think it was a good decision because they looked like very different sets of creatures, and I think they were stronger shown in their own settings. The picture frames sectioning off each group of friends. Your brain naturally categorizes friends into mutual friend groups, and it was cool to see myself in the "UD art kids" frame. Similarly, I really enjoyed Griffin's set up of surfing/beach pictures. The thumbnail context that the grid gave was also appropriate considering that he wanted to eventually blow some of the images up much larger. Alex Phillips also had a set up similar to what my critique ended up looking like. Somewhat of a "many around one, friend or foe" feeling.

My second project contained about 24 monsters (and one smashed monster) and looked like this:

I really like the colored monsters compared to the generation of pure white ones last semester. I think they have more personality.

I'm a little lost with my last project. I wanted to make plaster molds and slip cast big lego blocks, make a wall (a mini wall) and have an image painted on the wall with a few bricks switched around/missing/etc. However.... the lego blocks aren't coming out of the plaster mold very easily at all and there is a huge time delay between pouring and extracting bricks. For these reasons, I'm not sure how many "perfect" bricks I will end up with. It is also an issue because they don't actually fit into each other very well. I would have to do a lot of modifications to them to get them to stack as intended. Thus, I need a new plan of what to do with lego bricks. 

My ping-pong table at home aka new casting station.

Drying bricks...

The final product...
So.... what to do with bricks now....?

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